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And she shows you where to look
Among the garbage and the flowers
From Suzanne by Leonard Cohen


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  1. The Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine Explained discusses how the search mechanism operates and the advantages it offers. []
  2. On occasion, the number of covers of a given Cohen song is needed. This can be a problematic task because the list of covers is not numbered. A relatively simple means of calculating this number is explained at this post: Calculating The Number Of Covers Listed At A Thousand Covers Deep []
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  10. This is a close textual analysis but has few technical terms. It is not a casual read but rewards the effort []
  11. I.e., Articles dealing with works based on Leonard Cohen but not on Cohen’s own productions, such as articles on Cohen tribute concerts, songs about Cohen, critiques of Cohen, movies and books about Cohen, etc []
  12. Thanks to Dick Straub, who introduced me to this excellent resource []
  13. My vote for Best Of Show among the clips comprising Leonard Cohen: Canada’s Melancholy Bard is On the road to singing sensation , which was originally broadcast in conjunction with the publication of Cohen’s novel, “Beautiful Losers,” in 1966 on This Hour Has Seven Days. See my post, The Leonard Cohen CBC Interviews []
  14. Post is from May 2006 and does not include covers of Hallelujah done since then []
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