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August 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

OK, this is admittedly a self-indulgent, “guess what I learned in school today” kind of post. Deal with it.

If one checks out the right sidebar on this page (as well as every other page on this site), one will find links to the 5 most recent posts from Speaking Cohen and Leonard Cohen Halls Of Fame.

Now, those went online about three weeks ago so they hardly qualify as news. And, since they required little more than plugging in the RSS feed into a handy widget that inserts into the sidebar, there was little technological expertise required.

Only this morning, however, did I figure out how to devise a RSS feed that would reference posts from a specific category rather than an entire blog or web site.

That is important, at least in this case, because my primary place of blogness, Heck Of A Guy, houses a substantial amount of material about Cohen (and another chunk of text about Anjani) – along with, most recently, posts about wild turkeys on my back lawn, my proposed designs for the new McHenry County (IL) Seal (featuring Dick Tracy), and the Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir Covering Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama.

As it turns out, not every reader who relishes a nuanced exposition on Leonard Cohen’s use of dance metaphors before and after his retreat to the Zen monastery is equally excited about the prospect of reading, for example, that entry elaborating on my mother’s collection of straight razors.

I know – at first, I couldn’t believe it either.

My new-found knowledge allows me to isolate the Leonard Cohen posts from the other Heck Of A Guy entries, thus protecting the sensitive purist from contact with the non-Cohen info. Consequently, as of this morning, the five latest posts from the Heck of a Guy “Leonard Cohen” category are also displayed on that right sidebar.

Pretty slick, eh?

Why Are Posts From Only Those 3 Leonard Cohen Sites Displayed?

Do I detect cynical suspicion that there is some kind of payoff in return for these placements – perhaps a sack of small, unmarked bills or promises of sexual favors or offers of a fresh pressing of the rumored 1984 Cohen Christmas LP?

Alas, it’s all quid and no quo – although I am exquisitely vulnerable to bribery, those links were chosen solely because they originate from Cohen-focused sites of the first rank – and they also offer an RSS feed (or its equivalent). As far as I can determine, the other sites listed here and used in the specialized search engine don’t provide a feed (or don’t make it evident enough for me to find).

The message is that while LeonardCohenSearch is as ecumenical as they come, in addition to quality content, we need the feed.

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