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About LeonardCohenSearch

Discounting my vague awareness of “Suzanne” during my college days, I started listening to Leonard Cohen’s music in 2002 and began writing about him (as well as those associated with him, especially Anjani)  in July 2006. His songs, I have discovered, are atypical of pop music in general in that learning about their origins, contexts, or any of a dozen other literary or musicological elements is an effort abundantly rewarded by increased appreciation and enjoyment of the music. Further, there is much about Cohen that is intrinsically interesting.

I am not the first to reach such conclusions. A dedicated group of Cohen fans has accumulated an impressive amount of data about the life and work of Leonard Cohen, and have made it available on the internet.

There are, in fact,  a number of Cohen-dedicated sites, including  Jarkko Arjatsalo’s LeonardCohenFiles, which has earned the trust and endorsement of Cohen himself, its companion discussion board, LeonardCohenForum, and Marie Mazur’s Speaking Cohen, all of which merit special mention because (1) they are the most influential and useful English language sources of information about Leonard Cohen and (2) they contain huge amounts of data and artifacts, some of which can be difficult to find.

Research and fact-checking in the course of writing about Leonard Cohen brought me, time and again, to these and similar Cohen-centered sites. I recently became convinced that I could accomplish this research more efficaciously with a search engine customized to search only those web sites I’ve found most useful and accurate. Happily, Google has made tools to accomplish this task accessible.

LeonardCohenSearch is designed as a metasite, a search engine and directory dedicated to helping others navigate the finest sources of information about Leonard Cohen and alerting those interested in Leonard Cohen to important but often elusive issues about the sing-songwriter and his music.

If you have suggestions or comments, email me at: drhguy@1heckofaguy.com

I hope you find the site helpful.