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Leonard Cohen Custom Search Explained

What is the Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine?

The Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine at LeonardCohenSearch.com is a Google-powered1 search process that has been altered (customized) to search only specified web sites2 or, in some cases, specified portions of web sites3 I have selected because they contain useful information about Leonard Cohen, the poet and singer-songwriter.

Why Use The Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine?

Limiting searches to only those sites invested in gathering and offering reliable and valid information about Leonard Cohen excludes many potential search hits that are irrelevant,4 inaccurate,5 or misleading.6 The results from a well done customized search engine should, compared to those from a general search engine, demonstrate a higher ratio of useful to invalid or counterproductive information, making it easier and faster to find the correct data with less risk of errors contaminating the findings.

  1. That Google technology is used has several consequences, the most important of which follow:

    • Google-powered searches can only find data on pages Google has indexed. While most pages of most sites are indexed, there is no guarantee that all or any pages of a given site are indexed.
    • The Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine operates like any other Google search, e.g., entering search terms, using operators, interpreting results, etc are accomplished identically at Google.com and LeonardCohenSearch.com. Google search protocols are available at Google Help.
    • There may be ads above and beneath results from the search. The ads are, in effect, the compensation Google receives for the use of their search technology. LeonardCohenSearch has no control over which ads appear and receives no fees or other benefits from the ads except the use of the Google search process.


  2. A listing of web sites searched by The Leonard Cohen Custom Search Engine is available to those interested in coordinating efforts to improve this search process. Please send a request for the web site listing and a line or two re your interest in the search engine to drhguy@1heckofaguy.com []
  3. My own Heck of a Guy blog, for example, contains several posts about Leonard Cohen and Anjani but also has posts about sugarplums (as in “visions of”), George Washington Carver, and recommendations for the new McHenry Illinois County Seal, which may be of less compelling interest to your average fan. Consequently, Leonard Cohen Custom Search searches only the “Leonard Cohen” and “Anjani” categories of Heck of a Guy blog, so the reader who attempts to track down my three part exposition on broomcorn on this custom search engine is likely to find only frustration. []
  4. E.g., information pertinent to “Leonard Cohen, the New York Accountant” rather than “Leonard Cohen, the Singer-Songwriter” []
  5. E.g., references errantly attributing “Got Yourself A Gun” (the theme to The Sopranos) to Leonard Cohen rather than the rightful authors, Alabama 3 []
  6. E.g., the misleading use of “Leonard Cohen” in key words to drive visitors to a site pushing “free MP3 downloads,” ringtones, or worse. []
LeonardCohenSearch is managed by Allan Showalter, AKA DrHGuy

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